Toshihiko is yet another simple Node.js ORM with cache layer.

Toshihiko | Yet another simple Node.js ORM Toshihiko


It only support MySQL so far.

What Toshihiko Is

Toshihiko is a simple ORM, with cache layer and high performance query methods.

Toshihiko isn't a complex ORM, NO:

  • foreign key;
  • anything that is not CURD (like create table / update table structure);
  • relation between tables;
  • low performance query methods;
  • etc.

For performance, use Toshihiko as simple as you can.

I believe that human being is much more reliable than machines. If not, try hard to make yourself more reliable than them!

So don't let ORM do too much things, like creating table.

Example Usage

const T = require("toshihiko");
const toshihiko = new T.Toshihiko("mysql", {
    username: "root",
    password: "",
    database: "toshihiko"

// !!! create the table by yourself
const User = toshihiko.define("user", [
    { name: "username", type: T.Type.String, primaryKey: true },
    { name: "birthday", type: T.Type.Datetime }

User.findById("Alice", function(err, user) {
    console.log(err, user);

About Toshihiko's Name

If you're Touhou fans, you may understand me.

Toshihiko is a character in 'Touhou Warring States Nights' (TWSN) and TWSN is a collaborative content creation of Touhou.